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Changes to ComputerCraft rules Empty Changes to ComputerCraft rules

Post by ihaveamac on Wed Jul 25, 2012 7:27 pm

For server security and safety, ComputerCraft by default will not be available to Mem+ and below. There will be a few changes:

  • A new trusted rank will be higher than Mem+ (the previous trusted rank). These users can use ComputerCraft, but they are requested to lock them with Lockette or a startup program.
  • All computers placed right now will be locked by me (and also disk drives will not override this) and users must request me to unlock them. If the user is Mem+ or below, I will send them all their files so they don't lose them.
  • If a trusted or above user wants to allow other users to access the computer, they have to ask me first, and I will check and see if it's allowed. If needed, I will edit the program slightly to prevent any way to break out of the program and cause trouble.
  • Turtles will be fully disabled until I find another way to protect them.

Other tekkit servers I've seen usually just ban CC, this is so it's still usable but is restricted. Do you want some person coming on and destroying the server and possibly the real computer?

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