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Appealing a ban Empty Appealing a ban

Post by ihaveamac on Wed Jan 18, 2012 8:46 pm

Do not post here if you are not appealing a ban!!!

Last updated 3/6/12

Please register on these forums to appeal a ban. Your username can be anything, but put in your MC username in the "Minecraft Username" textbox.

There are three types of bans:
Any bans older than 60 days will stay in place and can not be disputed, including Global bans.
  • Global ban
    This will not be disputed here. Dispute at MCBans.

  • Local ban
    Please register on the forums then post here using this form:
    What is your MC username? 
    Why were you banned? 
    Who banned you? (if you know)
    Was it your fault?
    Why should you be unbanned?
    Any more info?

  • Non-MCBans ban
    Use the form above.

If you are unbanned, we expect that you follow the rules for both the server and the forums. If your ban is over 60 days old or your ban reason says [perm] in it, you cannot dispute the ban. Please give some details, "Because i'm innocent" isn't enough.

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