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Post by AimeeOblivion on Thu Jan 05, 2012 7:33 pm

Hi! This is a thread about stuff related Mario Kart 7.

um to start this thread off, my favorite modern stage is Melody Motorway (also called Music Park) because of it's colorful lights and pleasing sounds as you drift on the keys of a xylophone and a glockenspiel roads. I heard Melody Motorway was based on the Nintendo Wii's game: Wii Music because of the ambient lighting around all the instruments as you drive past them. My favorite retro stage is Koopa Cape (N64) because being able to fly over the big rock and through the waterfall feels soothing to me

My least favorite stage is Wuhu Mountain Loop (Maka Wuhu) because people abuse the cheating exploit on wifi. My other least favorite stage (retro) is Dino Dino Jungle (Gamecube) because there's HEAPS of places where you can fall off because of the narrow roads and when someone bumps you off -- you're doomed =/

Reply back with any comment or simply tell us what is your most/least favorite stages and tell us why you like/hate about it soo much. ^^

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